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How can SMS Text Messaging help your business ?

Text messaging gives you instant contact with all of your customers but is rarely used effectively by businesses for everyday communication. Our service lets you use text messages like email, allowing your customers to reply to a single number regardless of which member of your staff sends a message.

SyncSMS is a new service allowing you to:

  • send texts easily from your PC or from our website to communicate instantly with customers even if they do not have an email address
  • present a single incoming number to all your customers regardless of who sent the text message allow customer service staff to view replies and incoming texts from all your customers and prospects
  • receive messages for free by using your own SIM card with our system

Our case studies show you some of the ways that our customers have transformed their communication practises and you can view further information on the benefits and features and pricing of our service before you register.

Please click to register your mobile number and trial our service with no obligation.

You can evaluate our service immediately simply by registering your mobile number and using the free messages we give you. You can top up your account or move to our cost-effective pay monthly plans and arrange for an incoming number once you have opened your account.



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