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SMS Case Studies

Here are some ways SyncSMS is being used as an essential business tool.

Updates for colleagues on the road

Alert colleagues on the road to changes of schedule, such as a new delivery address or drop-off instructions. No more speaking while driving, or stopping to scribble down a new address and customer service staff can easily notify the customer of any delay. Ideal if you employ delivery drivers, sales people or engineers.

Confirming appointments

Perfect for hairdressers, clinics, surgeries – or any organisation which suffers from forgotten customer appointments. A quick confirmation text ensures the customer remembers their timeslot, and if they text back to requesting a time change, you can easily engage in a two-way conversation using your PC.

Microsoft CRM

We have a version of SyncSMS that intefrates directly with Microsoft CRM (version 3.0 and 4.0, hosted and on-premise) so your customer servie team can send and receive text messages as phone call records in CRM. This solution is suitable for managing SMS marketing campaigns.

Overdue Invoices

Sensitively sending customers a text to remind them about an overdue invoice is an effective way to speed up payment. Our SYNC SMS desktop client integrates with Sage 50 to make this process easy.

Send and receive messages for free

Some of our customers use their own SIM to send and receive messages with our service. Receiving messages is free but some of our customers add an extra SIM onto their business account allowing them use up the text messaging allowance on all their phones and send hundreds of free SMS text messages each month.

Equipment Monitoring

Our GSM Modem can be called directly from your internal systems to allow messages to be sent even if your internet conenction is unavalable. Perfect for monitoring server rooms.

Dynamics 365 Connector

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