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SMS Pricing

We have two pricing schemes:

  • Pay as you go where messages cost 7.5 or 10 pence according to the destination.
  • Pay monthly where messages cost 5 or 7.5 pence according to the destination.

All UK customers will be charged 15% sales tax. European business customers are also subject to sales tax unless they provide us with a VAT number.

Pay as You Go

You can set up pay as you go pricing on your account and simply make a prepayment to start texting at a rate of 7.5 or 10 pence per text according to the destination.

Pay Monthly Account

Our pay monthly account allows you to decide the amount you would like to pay into your account each month and you receive a lower rate of 5 or 7.5 pence per text according to the destination. Any unused credit will rollover to the next month.

You may need to buy additional credit at the pay as you go rate if you run out of money on your account before your next monthly amount is due.

For example, you might specify £4.50 as your monthly spend and use £3.75 in the first month. You will have a rollover of £1.75 and a total of £6.25 to spend in the second month with all texts charged at either 5 or 7.5 pence. If you spend more than £6.25 you will need to make a prepayment the higher pay as you go rate for any additional texts you need in the second month.

Incoming Messages

Incoming messages are free and you can receive replies back to your own handset.

We also send a geographic UK number which can receive texts for an additonal £5 on a monthly account.

Use your own SIM

We offer a GSM modem which you can use with your own SIM for both outgoing and incomig messages. You arrange the SIM on your own contract and but need to purchase the modem and software for £495 and an additional £10 per month on your monthly account.

Microsoft CRM

Our Microsoft CRM intergration costs £495 and works with all the available account options.

Dynamics 365 Connector

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